…and we’re live!

This is our first post and as you may understand we are still a little shy! But we’ll quickly drill with because we have important things to say and let everybody know about this new world of paper.

We want to point out first that we created an auction platform where you can exchange exclusively and safely items made of paper, because of our same need. Some of us are collectors of paper items such as stamps, postcards, comics etc. We got to tell you! We are tired of seeing cars, furniture and shirts when we wanted to see what we’re really looking for in a specialized environment with no ads and no other external interference.

We expanded the scope of our auction platform beyond collectibles, because inevitably we ourselves use paper every day for our needs. We use it for our printers, to design, to post a note, wrap a gift, paper, paper, paper…

Our platform supports everything you might need to start selling and buying paper stuff right now. At the same time we’re working on more features which are going to enhance your eCharta experience. So we kindly ask you to stay tuned and watch the announcements of this blog.

Our world of paper, your world of paper

We know we’re not alone in this. In fact we want your help to create an active community that meets its needs. We want everyone to contribute articles for improvement, information and expertise in order to overcome the expectation and make eCharta the synonym of paper!

Very soon we’re going to share with you the hows, so there’s one more reason to watch this space.

Welcome to eCharta!

The eCharta Team

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