How paper can be a badge of honor

The modern era thanks to the technology has a million ways to retain memories. Digital photoalbums are one example. Personal diaries as applications are another. Sure, I like them but at times they seem too artificial to me.

There’s a concept I’ve seen in movies and I find it extremely powerful as a memory retainer and elegant too. I bet you have seen it as well. Do you remember these suitcases covered with stickers? Aren’t they fantastic?

A suitcase covered with stickers

See what paper can do? A few tiny pieces of paper can act as personal narrator. They can bring back memories of journeys and each single combination of stickers is unique.

According to Scuidoo Luggage labels was created to identity passengers for traveling on trains or plains, it helped them determine where the bags was headed.
The stickers quickly became a hit and became badges of honor, to represent where they have traveled.

Paper as a badge of honor? Yes, sir!

Did you know that on eCharta you can sell and buy such labels? Is it too late to start your very own collection? I don’t think so.

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