Three new designs for your wIm card!

We love providing you with awesome eCharta features. This week we are releasing three new beautiful designs to choose from for your Who I Am Cards.

In the Who I Am page of the Settings section (see icon 1) you can now further personalize your eCharta Member Profile.

In the “edit your Who I Am” section of the page you can add your logo or your picture on the paper card backgrounds we offer.

The 3 new designs

Along with a Who I Am card design that reflects your taste, you can upload a distinctive image of your personality, your profession or your selling products.

The Who I Am card is your personal card as an eCharta member that you share instantly with the whole eCharta community. In just a breath away, any user can see it by clicking your username anywhere on eCharta website.

Through your Who I Am card, any user can see the Country you registered from, the date you joined the eCharta family and your username. The Who I Am card links directly to your eCharta Shop FrontPage and gives the opportunity your fellow eCharta members to contact you on the eCharta Messaging Platform.

Within the eCharta community, we strongly support the feedback exchange between sellers and buyers. The feedback score represents your status as an eCharta member. It’s made up of ratings and comments on positive, neutral and negative opinions left by other eCharta members you’ve bought from and/or sold to.

This rating, along with your overall Transaction Score are available in your Who I am card. This is the information we must share with each other to keep eCharta community safe.

We believe that a successful marketplace is a transparent marketplace, so we want to make sure you’re relaxed with the way we use your information. Most importantly, we believe these additions provide a helping hand for a positive future full of growth for the entire eCharta community.

More to come… Thank you for your support

eCharta Team

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