How to customize your brand new eCharta Shop

In a previous post we had the opportunity to go through the brand new eCharta Shops, the exciting new feature that effectively turns all sellers on eCharta to shop owners ! In this post, we’ll go backstage and we’ll show you how you can customize your brand new eCharta Shop

The basics

In the MyCharta Sell Tab, you can find the “My Shop” menu from where you can tune up your shop, add your own shop categories and visit your shop front page.

Tune up your eCharta Shop

In the “Tune Up Shop” page, you can customize the look & feel of your shop front to your liking.

You can set your Shop’s name, description and logo. This is very basic & vital information about your Shop that helps customers to identify you. A careful selection of your shop name, description and logo can enhance your brand recognition.

Organize your Shop Categories

In your shop you can set up your own categories for your listings. The freedom of   organizing your listings in your own categories, allows you to better reach your target audience. In order to set up and organize your categories, you can visit the “MyCharta Sell Tab” and go to “Shop Categories” page.

In the “Shop Categories” page you can add your own categories, change their names, order them they way you prefer and delete them.

By default when a new Listing is added on eCharta and the seller has not selected a Shop Category, it is put in the catch-all category “Other”. In the same spirit, when a category is deleted then all Listings belonging to that category are automatically transferred to the “Other” category.

Tip: Sellers can emulate a category hierarchy by using a separator character (e.g. a dash) in the name.  For example one could have a Category named “Books” and more fine grained Categories named “Books – Science Fiction” – “Books – Children” – “Books – Cookbooks” etc.

We hope you’ll enjoy setting up you shop!

Chris for eCharta

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