The Indiana Jones world map

It exists! And it includes all the places where the famous archaeologist made his discoveries.

Mat Busch, the creator of this map and obviously a big fan of Indiana Jones, in 2011 made a wide research in order to prepare this map as a tribute for the 30th anniversary of the first film of the series. As Mr. Busch says:

There are 36 different archeological artifacts displayed, each illustrated where Indy discovered it, and numbered chronologically. 3 Legend sections list info on the artifacts, including name, city and country, year, title of the story the artifact was discovered in, followed by symbols.

And here’s the map:

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

I find this map appealing because it makes me go back to all the movies of Mr. Jones and in a way I see them again, right before my eyes.

Now this is a paper item I would love to see on eCharta. It has the perfect profile and I know at least a bunch of people who would care to buy it.


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