ALPHA, an old hero back in action!

Tomorrow a very impressive comic book, in my opinion, is released from Marvel!

Is the ALPHA (2013) # 1!


Inker & penciler of the cover is Humberto Ramos

The professional freelancer illustrator, great comic guy, character designer and storyboard artist, who worked with EA games, Axis Animation, Cosmopolitan, Elle magazine and of course with the Marvel comics, did the ENTIRE art work of the new ALPHA story. He is the well-known Nuno Plati! The dude is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency in London and lives in Lisbon! How is down there in the Mediterranean heat mate?

The other guy, Josh Fialkov, an excellent writer with several winning Harvey Awards, is the man of the words! The 33-year-old American, who lives in California, is known for his work in Echoes (Top Cow – 2010), Elk’s Run (Villard – 2007), I, Vampire (DC Comics – September 2011-April 2013), and in the film 2008 Infected.

Alpha tease 2

inside the NEW ALPHA

ALPHA had appeared in issue #692 of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, which was illustrated by Plati himself. “Alpha was having an awesome time of it, till that buzz-kill Spider-Man made him quit being a hero” Marvel notes on presentation of the comic! The Andy Maguire (called ALPHA), was appeared for the first time as a student in Midtown high, the same school Peter Parker attended, but unlike Parker, Andy was a bad student, and nobody cares about him; not even his parents! Then, a helter-skelter in the school chemistry lab, and after saving a girl named Chrissy Andy was hit by strange energy that instead of being fatally injured, he miraculously survived and gained the ability to create a hyper-kinetic form of energy tied to the forces of the universe. Sounds really awesome!

Alpha page 3 tease 5

inside the NEW ALPHA

Thus the two great artists have joined forces to bring the ALPHA in life, and to bring him this time …here to stay!

Let us see it!!!

KO for eCharta

2 thoughts on “ALPHA, an old hero back in action!

  1. I read it today and I have to say the art is definetly very good!!! The story is ok and as goes towards the end of the issue it gets more intresting! I believe “Alpha” would make a cool monthly title as well!

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