Bad Memories on Paper we Have to Remember – Holocaust Part I

Many findings of postal or just of paper history are worth mentioning. A huge label is the WWII and the terrible actions that took place during this dark world period. We believe that the Holocaust is an extermination period of Jews but also of other groups such as the Communists, the Gypsies and the handicapped who were persecuted by the Nazis both in Germany and in Europe. We want to try to demonstrate showing pieces of that period in a sequence of posts not only the depth and range of the Nazi persecution but also the resourceful imagination of the inmates as tortured human beings in their desperate agony to communicate with the outside world. “Enjoy” a run of posts, a sequence of bad memories on paper that we certainly have to remember… 

holocaust 1bj

The back side of the letter-card

From the earliest days of Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship, the Gestapo had the power to impose “protective custody” on anyone, to prevent “undesirable” political activities, to monitor the activities of suspects and to wiretap their conversations, without accountability to any court or other government authority, but regular police retained their traditional role subject to law as regulated by courts. Reich Leader Heinrich Himmler of the elite Nazi SS had taken control of the Gestapo and all the concentration camps in 1934. In June 1936, he became chief of all the German police, thus subordinating all state power to the Nazi apparatus and to the party’s political imperatives.


This form letter-card front is a summons to an interrogation.

holocaust 1aj

Three values of Hindenburg Medallion definitive stamps with POL perfins, plus one Nazi Swastika Official stamp, correctly paid the 46-pfennigs rate (40 pfennigs for legal service of a document through the post plus 6 pfennigs local letter postage in that combination). This piece belongs to Spungen Family Foundation.

KO for eCharta

5 thoughts on “Bad Memories on Paper we Have to Remember – Holocaust Part I

  1. I agree! This is a great findings! I can’t wait to see more stuff from this important period of world history…

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