Young Avengers 1 and 2

Young Avengers 1 and 2

Young Avengers are back with two issues already published, more popular and with more hype even before issue 1 came out. You could say this is due to the creative team that consists of writer Kieron Gillen, artists Jamie McKelvie & Mike Norton, colorist Matthew Wilson and letterer Clayton Cowles. This group of creators is well acquainted and has worked together before so we can assume they can work and produce a very good comic. Which is true as we already have seen in the first two issues! But yet again this comic book has won its place and it is considered among one of the favorite superhero teams from its very first run almost a decade ago for many comic fans. So yes its popularity is a result of this too!

Young Avengers_1_2

As the creators are a group of friends with their individual personalities and interests which work together perfectly to make a comic, just the same Young Avengers is a group of young heroes with their own personalities and interests in life. Once they were a team and now are called together once again to deal with a new threat! Both groups real and fictional work together in the best way because they do what they love most: the creators comics and the characters super heroics! So from the combination of two great teams who already have proved to us comic fans that they can produce something awesome we get to read a comic which deserves all its hype and popularity!

YNGAVN2013001004scol-610x471In issue 1 we are reintroduced to six members three old and three new who yet haven’t been formed in a team! These six are Kate Bishop, Hulking and Wiccan and new recruits Marvel Boy, Miss America and Kid Loki. These six though are not by far the full roster as it has been revealed through the internet by issue six Speedy and Prodigy will join the team and many more will be featured in future stories! In this issue we get a glimpse of what the original members are up to and how in a remarkable and smart way the new kids interlock and become a part of their lives. All members are in their late teens and a couple a bit older but still young enough to be a part of the team! They have matured but not yet considered grown-ups and Wiccan’s action proves how young and inexperienced they are! By the end of the issue in an attempt to make Hulking feel better Wiccan uses his powers to bring back from the dead the only family he ever had: his mother! That is a big mistake and creates a whole new threat which only Kid Loki realizes and trys to stop with no success as Miss America interferes! In issue 2 the threat is revealed to both Wiccan and Hulking and both are trapped! In a brilliant visual way the artists show us how Kid Loki releases and saves them from their capturer. But they get in more trouble as Wiccan and Hulking try to force the way Kid Loki will help them solve and face the threat! So issue 2 ends yet in another great cliffhanger!


Kieron Gillen succeeds to create wonderful dialogues making the characters all the more 3-dimensional and not at all tumblr_mh4a3xh6xZ1raikxso1_500paper cut copies! He shows aspects of the way they think and act and what they like making them individuals and all the more interesting plus there are action scenes in every two pages! You cannot ask more from a comic which has more than enough character interaction and fighting scenes in only 22 pages. It’s purely entertaining! To top it all artists McKelvie, Norton and Williams capture the story and deliver it with smart visual concepts and brilliant story telling both in spread pages and not! The art is clean with clear and understandable facial expressions and detailed pop culture references in the backgrounds!

Overall it’s a comic based in the now about kids who are living in our present and influenced by pop culture which happen to love being superheroes! If you haven’t read it yet do so! You will find it more than entertaining, it will give you a thrill you haven’t felt for superhero comics in years!


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6 thoughts on “Young Avengers 1 and 2

  1. It sounds very comic book. I just didn’t read any but Archie and Veronica as a kid. Did a little Disney as a parent.Otherwise if it wasn’t on tv in cartoons I am basically ignorant here. I was reading readers digest at 7.Encyclopedias were some of my favorites too. Mom made me read the dictionary.

  2. I’ve only read the first issue, but I have to say it’s a lot of fun.

    I think part of what makes this book special is the reunited creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. They’re tapping into some of the chemistry they had while producing their indie book Phonogram.

    • Exactly and they are playing around with characters as freely as they did in Phonogram but this time with unlimited background of continuity which they can use in their stories!!!

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