25 Vintage Photos of Librarians Being Awesome

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Librarians, in case you hadn’t heard, are essential members of society — likely to expand minds wherever they go — and, as such, are fully worthy of hero worship (whether they’re among the coolest librarians alive or just pretty cool). That’s at least part of the impetus behind My Daguerreotype Librarian, “[a] tumblr dedicated to literally or figuratively hunky and babely librarians from the past.” Inspired by the website, here’s a little extra literary goodness: 25 awesome vintage photos of librarians from ages past, either shown or linked below.

Children lined up at the Chatham Square Branch librarian’s desk, 1910 (above).

The young people’s librarian and students, New York’s Aguilar Branch, 1938 (above).

Paul Brockett, Librarian at the Smithsonian National Academy of Science, 1924 (above).

Brig. Gen. R.E. Noble, Librarian of Army Medical Library, 1924 (above).

The school librarian and one of her student assistants at Woodrow Wilson High School…

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5 thoughts on “25 Vintage Photos of Librarians Being Awesome

  1. awesome 🙂 love old photos; love being able to “travel back in time” so to speak and see how life was; libraries will never be the same now so better enjoy those photos.

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