A city state named BlackAcre – comic review


In a post apocalyptic world a hundred years from now there is a city-state named BlackAcre! Its founders where the elite of a country which was in decay so they took the chance struck a deal and gained a big part of the federal land of the United States! The elite consisted of the most influential men from billionaires to political gurus so the city-state was destined to prosper and survive in a world that was falling apart! But within the walls of BlackAcre there had developed fractions especially within those who ruled! These fractions start to appear as an ex military man named Hull is sent on a secret mission beyond the walls of BlackAcre!

jk0001Hull was born and raised in the Ranks and grew up as a true and loyal soldier! His whole family was the Ranks and his only purpose was to protect the city-state and its citizens but above all to fight along and protect his military brothers who would do the exact same thing for him! So we have a true and honest man who doesn’t see yet the machinations and schemes that are being used to entangle him as a means in a way to succeed a goal! But luck was on his side and from early on in his mission he starts to see the threads of manipulation and deception!

This is the world that writer Duffy Boudreau and artist Wendell Cavalcanti have created in the comic book “BlackAcre” which is published by Image comics since December 2012! A comic book which within five issues has shown many layers of both the characters and the societies that exist in this world!

BlackAcre is just one part of this world. The other is the one that lives beyond its walls! The world that was left in destruction and helpless while a few survived in wealth! This world is divided in territories and clans and the strongest one which seems to expand in a violent way from the north is the Sacred Yoke, a clan which is based on a cult! The Sacred Yoke is the reason that another character is bought in the forefront, Lee a young girl in her teens!BA-01-07

Lee’s village was attacked by the Sacred Yoke. She saw her family being killed and although she escaped it wasn’t long before she was captured and brought to live among these fanatics! By issue 4 Hull is also captured and brought to live at the base of the Yoke where he meets not only Lee but someone else, the person who leads the cult. This meeting brings even more entanglements for the two protagonists in more ways they would never had expected!!!!

In general Duffy Boudreau has weaved a story with many unexpected twists and turns! He also has made in detail the world in which he is telling his story; you can see that from the fact that each character that appears has a significant role and background to further develop the story!  The whole first chapter consists of a cast that has only been introduced and will play a bigger part in future issues! This is what I liked in BlackAcre that all characters have something to say or hide just like in real life where the unexpected is waiting you right behind the corner and you do not know what and by whom the next situation you deal with will come from, good or bad!

Also Wendell Cavalcanti in each issue develops his art even further! The silent panels with only a face expression or a look in the eyes are so strong that grips me whenever I read BlackAcre!

I strongly recommend giving BlackAcre a chance! It’s a very intriguing comic which has so much going on that I like to think would be a perfect TV series although comics are better!

So if you are interested in reading BlackAcre a perfect jump on point will be issue seven coming out probably in June where the second chapter begins up to then you can read the first five issues in a collected trade paperback edition which will be released in May the first!

I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it!!!

Con Barbatsis for eCharta

One thought on “A city state named BlackAcre – comic review

  1. I just finished to read Katana # 3, and I would like to summarize what happened in there in order to clear up some things I didn’t fully understand.
    Katana starts working as a waitress in a restaurant attended by Yakuza members, and by listening to what they say she gets to know that a meeting of the whole gang is about to happen on a ship.
    She goes there, and she finds out that it was a trap: all those gangsters wanted was to put their hands on Katana, and they had drawn her on that ship on purpose. This leads to a 1 vs 100 fight (obviously based on Kill Bill Vol. 1), and of course Katana beats them all.
    At this point, there is a totally unpredictable event: Killer Croc comes out of the water and jumps on the boat. He tells Katana that he had concocted the trap Katana fell into, because he wants to rob Katana’s sword (every single villain she faces has exactly the same purpose, now that I think about it).
    2nd unpredictable event: He manages to rob the sword.
    3rd unpredictable event: He breaks it with his teeth.
    At this point the soul trapped into Katana’s sword comes out, but (4th unpredictable event) it isn’t the soul of Katana’s dead husband, but the soul of an old Superman’s supporting character, the Creeper.
    Miss Nocenti goes on filling Katana with a lot of umpredictable stage tricks and I appreciate that, but this issue left a bad taste in my mouth, because there were 2 events that don’t make any sense:
    1) Basically, Killer Croc is a “100 % muscles, 0 % brain” villain. He’s not smart enough to concoct a complex plan like the one I described you before.
    2) Why did he break the sword? I figured he wanted it in order to sell it, but he broke it, so obviously my hypothesis was wrong. I hope miss Nocenti will manage to make this apparently illogical narrative choice plausible in the 4th issue.

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