Our photographs

We love Primarolia photos. We can’t wait to see them for sale on our site.

primarolia NYC

Me and my wife we love photography. We love to shoot anything with any camera we’re holding at that moment. We know that moments are unique. We live them once in our life time. No moment is repeated. That’s it. Once. You have it or you lose it forever. So, we agreed always have our camera with us without lugging our whole photo bag or a tripod around like a tourist in our own town; just have our camera body and one lens handy.

We took some pictures in the day Sandy hurricane was approaching NYC. It sucks walking in the street and seeing something awesome and not having my camera with me to capture that perfect slice of time!But I had it at this particular moment. And you can see Mercer street empty just a few hours before Sandy hits.

This is a street photography and I believe street…

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5 thoughts on “Our photographs

  1. Thanks for liking my blog.
    Yours is great. Love the graphics. So inspirational. Ditto for the post on your photos
    I feel the same way and am grateful apple made such a decent camera on the phone
    Carry on with the good positive work my friend

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