The Marshall Islands and World War II

The Marshall Islands, an old German colony in the Pacific Ocean, were caught in the tag of the World War II as it was there where many air and naval operations took place between the Americans and the Japanese. Today, they are under the protection and care of the United States.

fig 17-

fig.1 The sets are wonderfully designed while covering all the aspects of the War

The thing that we would like to point out, from a philatelic point of view, is the fact that this inland complex has issues a great number of stamps with reference to World War II. From 1989 to 1998 there were about 230 stamps issued on the specific topic. Any collector wishing to start a thematic collection on World War II, it goes without saying that s/he will certainly find those islands of invaluable help. The sets are wonderfully designed while covering all the aspects of the War (fig. 1).



Stamps have been issues ranging not only from very important events but also covering battles of lesser significance such as the Warsaw battle and the Dieppe landing. The Katyn graves have not been forgotten either (fig. 2). All first-class leaders, generals and admirals of both sides, Allied and Japanese forces alike, are portrayed. Even Mark Clark, the well-known blunder-head of the Italian expedition, is also depicted.

One may also find: all the American and Japanese war ships, including the German



ones; most of the fighter aircraft which took part in World War II; military uniforms; even the surrender of Japan in 1945 (fig. 3).

There is no other country with so many issues in such a short spell of time covering the topic of World War II to that superlative extent. Perhaps the 230 stamps from Marshall Islands along with some more from the rest of the world, would be enough to satisfy the needs of a potential collector embarking on the theme of World War II.


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9 thoughts on “The Marshall Islands and World War II

  1. Love this blog. I will be following. I used to have a large collection of stamps dating way back to colonial days in the Congo and from around the world. I want to thank you for liking “It”s Easy To Love Mud” on – Aloha – pjs.

  2. Nice post. Nice blog site. Saddens me a little, when I think about the stamp collection my brother and I had in the late ’50’s. My folks tossed a lot of stuff, including comics and baseball cards, when we made a major move to another state.

  3. Thank you for liking “Undead Love.” The illustration work on these stamps is amazing. They contain so much detail in very limited space. The Katyn Forest Massacre stamp really made an impression on me because of the story behind it.

  4. absolutely gorgeous stamps! pardon my absence – one vacation back in july has sent me way behind in several blogs and catching is getting more difficult as work is getting busier over here. that said – love this! i’ve always had a special place in my heart for WWII and all things related. i had the privilege of talking to a u.s. marine pilot who was stationed in the marshall islands as part of a series i was working on while i was interning at a newspaper years ago. this guy was incredibly fascinating. i was so lucky to hear his stories and get to tell them.

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