Review: The Man without Fear Gets a Reboot with Daredevil #1

As many of Marvel’s most beloved heroes return to the shelves with their own monthly titles this year, many ongoing books are renumbering with exciting new #1’s. Daredevil #1 arrived in March from writer Mark Waid, pencilist Chris Samnee and color artist Javier Rodriguez, embarking on a strong new chapter in this title’s long and dynamic history. While established readers will recognize this issue as a continuation of previous storylines, but with Waid’s tight scripting and Samnee and Rodriguez’s energetic artwork, Daredevil #1 offers a strong draw to new readers.

Matt Murdock has come to San Francisco to begin the next chapter of his life with a new set of mysteries and adventures. Helping the San Francisco police with a kidnapping case, Daredevil takes to the streets to hunt down the abductors himself. Far from New York City, Matt’s a little out of his element, seguing into a summary of his origins for new audiences as his rescue mission brings the attention of one of the rocket-propelled kidnappers. The girl in his arms, Matt engages in an aerial pursuit across the city, facing danger and distraction at every turn. When he attempts to comfort the girl his senses pick up the sound of an explosive microdevice in her stomach, turning the high-flying chase into a race against time to save her. What begins as a fun done-in-one adventure opens up to a brand new mystery as the issue closes on the dramatic return of Foggy Nelson.


With its fast-paced action and sharp dialogue, Daredevil #1 proves to be an exciting opening issue. Waid delivers a satisfying read that builds on the foundations he’s already established, catching readers up quickly and offering a nice introduction of Matt’s continuing adventures. With such a seamless transition from one leg of the title to the next the renumbering seems unnecessary, but even for it this #1 is a compelling read. Samnee’s strong sense of storytelling carries the book through clever and engaging page design. His artwork is as fun as it is absorbing, effortlessly navigating the equal measures tension and humor throughout the script. Rodriguez’s flat bold fields of color affect a strong balance of vintage adventure comic sensibility with the bright dynamism of this altogether surreal sensory world that Matt operates within. Their collaboration make this book a frenetic, funny and highly entertaining book.

Action-packed, well-plotted and wonderfully executed, Daredevil #1 is a strong offering from a successful creative team. Longtime readers will appreciate the strong continuity, and new readers can quickly catch up and enjoy what storytellers Waid and Samnee have in store. Even if you’re new to the Man without Fear, this title has an easy learning curve and is easily accessible, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Magen Cubed –

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