eCharta State of Art Security

When you register on eCharta, you enter some personal and sensitive information. In order to become a seller on eCharta platform you have to save a Credit Card on file. This is MORE sensitive information!  How eCharta uses this information you could see it on eCharta User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

But how eCharta handles this information regarding security reasons? 

DigicertWe know that online shopping is about trust. So we got the Extended Validation EV SSL certificates from Digicert because we believe that this is one of the most effective ways to build trust with our clients. This is the reason when you navigate eCharta website ALWAYS the browser address bar will turn green. For more info go here

Digicert as a WebTrust-Certified Certificate Authority and an active member of the CA/Browser Forum, Online Trust Alliance, Anti-Phishing Working Group, and the W3C Consortium, they are committed to the ongoing goal of safe Internet browsing. eCharta is completely aligned with them!

Only organizations who pass an independent audit as part of Digicert review may offer EV, and all organizations globally must follow the same detailed issuance requirements!


So eCharta has been verified as authentic and not a known scam or phishing site. This sets our business apart, giving our customers peace of mind when submitting private data.

When we ask you to place your Credit Card on file in order to become a seller, at that moment where do you REALLY stripestore your Credit Card number?

You store it in STRIPE! Not on eCharta servers.


Because Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. Stripe forces HTTPS for all services, including our public website. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers! Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting card numbers runs in a separate datacenter, and doesn’t share any credentials with Stripe’s primary services (API, website, etc.).

This is the reason that WE DO NOT KEEP ANY OF YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO ON OUR SERVERS! The only thing we have to know from your Card is your last four digits of your card and the expiration date. That’s all! All the rest of your Credit Card info are handled by stripe! So we don’t really get involved again for SECURITY REASONS. We trust them and we fully cooperate with them!

You can use PayPal to pay eCharta at any time. It’s not necessary to use your card to pay off your monthly eCharta invoice. In case you use your card, the charge procedure it’s AGAIN through STRIPE!

So why do we need your credit card information?

Because we have decided to verify the seller’s name and address through the Credit Card procedure. This is very important for us and for the Community. So, the sellers if they wish to sell their stuff in an online marketplace, they want to be secure and protected from any other annoying passers that might come in just for a while to damage the market. Also buyers want to be safe and assured about the seller they are buying from. It’s just a safety valve for our system and the whole community!

We do it because we care!

eCharta Team

FREE LIFE-TIME Listing OFFER for Comics and Stamps!

eCharta is launching a Promotional OFFER for all the fellows that they want to list items in two of its categories:  Comics & Stamps! They can list and sell their items FREE FOR EVER. 

The offer expires on 30 April, 2013. 

eCharta offers this for 1000 people in each category!


We’re talking about colorists, inkers, pencilers, cartoonists, story board artists, illustrators, writers and any comic artist, collector, publisher, trader and aficionados of comic books, cartoons or graphic novels!


And at the same time about traditional, thematic, postal history or any kind of philatelists and stamp dealers, auction houses, single sellers and any stamp aficionados!

This offer has life-time FREE listing in BuyOut auction style on eCharta! ECharta regularly charges $0.20 for listings of BuyOut Auction style (check out our other fees here)!

Register on eCharta (if you’re not already registered) and then communicate with us at: in order to take advantage of this unique offer!!! Please write your user name and the appropriate code for your category. We immediately grand you the promotion package! That’s it! That simple!

(comics code: CMX4-13  ||   stamps code STM4-13)
(e.g. bestcomicsCMX4-13    ||   mystampsSTM4-13)

Do not forget: the offer expires on 30 April, 2013.

We try to create a nice and a strong trading community. This isn’t exclusively up to us! It’s up to you too mates! You can sell your comic books, your comic art, your stamps and your postal history letters or any paper comic related item on eCharta.

You could try it. You have nothing to lose anyway…

So, would you join eCharta family?


eCharta Team

Merry Christmas…



Get in touch with your trading partners

Communication is an important factor for every business that wants to establish a solid relationship within its customers. Here at eCharta, we try hard to build tools that enable the community of paper enthusiasts.

In a previous post, we presented the Who-I-Am card, your personal card as an eCharta member that you share instantly with the whole eCharta community. But there is more to it.

Next to every listing, you can find the seller’s wIm card. Click on the wIm card and you can get in contact with the seller through the eCharta Messaging Platform.


The eCharta Messaging Platform gives you the ability to get in touch with your fellow eCharta members with no fuss. 

echarta All messages

echarta Discussion_2

Moreover, we have prepared a set of predefined templates for the most common communication patterns that we detect. On the Won & Buyouts page, you can request the total for each order or even bring up the new message pop up. On the Sold Orders page, sellers can find a Message Tab right on every order row through which they can directly contact the buyer or select from 3 predefined message templates for reminding the buyer to leave feedback, to pay the order and to inform him/her that the order is on the way.


Chose from the Action drop down of the Won & BuyOut page.

sold orders

And remember, in the MyCharta section you get notified ON the message Tab immediately upon a new message arrival.

echarta message notice

Communication between sellers, buyers and friends has never been easier…

Chris for eCharta

How to customize your brand new eCharta Shop

In a previous post we had the opportunity to go through the brand new eCharta Shops, the exciting new feature that effectively turns all sellers on eCharta to shop owners ! In this post, we’ll go backstage and we’ll show you how you can customize your brand new eCharta Shop

The basics

In the MyCharta Sell Tab, you can find the “My Shop” menu from where you can tune up your shop, add your own shop categories and visit your shop front page.

Tune up your eCharta Shop

In the “Tune Up Shop” page, you can customize the look & feel of your shop front to your liking.

You can set your Shop’s name, description and logo. This is very basic & vital information about your Shop that helps customers to identify you. A careful selection of your shop name, description and logo can enhance your brand recognition.

Organize your Shop Categories

In your shop you can set up your own categories for your listings. The freedom of   organizing your listings in your own categories, allows you to better reach your target audience. In order to set up and organize your categories, you can visit the “MyCharta Sell Tab” and go to “Shop Categories” page.

In the “Shop Categories” page you can add your own categories, change their names, order them they way you prefer and delete them.

By default when a new Listing is added on eCharta and the seller has not selected a Shop Category, it is put in the catch-all category “Other”. In the same spirit, when a category is deleted then all Listings belonging to that category are automatically transferred to the “Other” category.

Tip: Sellers can emulate a category hierarchy by using a separator character (e.g. a dash) in the name.  For example one could have a Category named “Books” and more fine grained Categories named “Books – Science Fiction” – “Books – Children” – “Books – Cookbooks” etc.

We hope you’ll enjoy setting up you shop!

Chris for eCharta

Welcome eCharta Shops

Today we are happy to announce a new exciting feature. As of this week, all sellers on eCharta are owners of an eCharta Shop! The eCharta shop is your own personal shop, provided by eCharta for free.

In your shop, your customers can find all your listings collected in one place and organized in categories that meet your needs.

Your shop comes with its own built-in search engine, meaning that your customers can search through your collections and find items of their interest without any hassle. Furthermore, you can choose from 12 marvellous color sets to give a personal touch on your Shop Front.

Your Shop Front piece by piece

The Shop Card is an important identification element of your shop. As a shop owner you can choose a shop name that best matches your business and you can add your own description to communicate what you sell and what your Shop is all about. An important element of the Shop Card is the Shop Logo. The Shop Logo is different than your personal account avatar.

Each business is not the same as the next. The eCharta Shop provides you with the flexibility to add your own Shop Categories in order to organize your listings the way it better fits your own needs.

In the Shop Showcase, your customers can see 8 listings, randomly chosen from your Shop.

Stay tuned, as more exciting features are coming on eCharta

Chris for eCharta

Revise your Listing

The changes you can make to your listing depend on the type of listing, the time left until it ends, and whether you have received any bids or sales.

  • You can’t change a listing at all if 48 hours or less remaining until the end of the listing
  • You can’t change the Auction type and the duration of a listing
  • If you have added promotion features on a listing, then these features cannot be removed. You can add new promotion features on a listing or modify the properties of any existing promotion features
  • If a Bid Auction style listing has one or more bids or a Multi-BuyOut listing has one or more items sold, the seller cannot make the following changes to the listing:
    • Increase or decrease Starting price
    • Increase BuyOut price (can be reduced)
    • Modify Shipping & handling
    • Modify Returns

If a Bid Auction style listing has one or more bids, then ending the item earlier is equivalent to declaring the highest bidder as the winner of the auction.

If a Multi-BuyOut listing has one or more items sold, then ending the item earlier will effectively close the auction and no new sales can take place. Ending a Multi-BuyOut listing does not change anything for the users who have already bought one more items before the listing was ended.

The way to do it

To edit your listing:

  1. Go to My eCharta
  2. Click the Sell tab
  3. Chose Active Listings from the left navigation menu
  4. Go in any row inside the table and chose from the Action drop-down the “revise” action

You will get redirected to Listing Wizard to revise your listing as you wish.

Tip: If you want to revise your listing but there are less than 48 hours left and you have no other revision restrictions, you may need to end your listing and re-list it with your changes.