Comic Last Week -May.5.13- Preview

The past several weeks I’ve made a list of comics which were posted here on eCharta’s blog without saying what exactly it was for. They were not previews or reviews of last week’s releases it’s more of what I read and liked the previous week.  So in this list you will find comics I read on a monthly base some from their very first issue and others new or old which  I just started to read or got around to do so. All in all it’s a list of comics that I liked very much for some reason and left me with a satisfying felling and a buzzing notion in a my mind which I had to express in some way…so here you have it my buzzing notion and satisfaction in comics expressed in a list of comics I read and will continue to so. Hope you like them too.

First up are three band new number one issues. I’m always on the lookout for brand new comics especially in small publishers of comics. These three captured me by their cover, like always I judge a comic first by its cover and thankfully the content of these specific comics was equally good on the inside.

Gutter Magic 001

Gutter Magic #1  by Rick Douek and Brett Barkley

This is an amazing comic and the kind I like to read in books too. Its concept is that all magical creatures after their involvement of the wizards in WWII are living together with non magic people in big cities. There are classes and factions, the higher and most powerful live in skyscrapers and lesser ones are those who live on street level and use “gimmicks” for magic. The way the lesser classes try to use magic is what they call “Gutter Magic”.

Douek has spun a brilliant story where his main hero Cinder tries to find a spell which will help him reclaim his ability to use magic in an environment of mid forties buildings, steam punk elements  filled with magical creatures. Barkley does a wonderful job with his detailed art and succeeds in showing all these aspects of the world Douek has created in his mind.

I just can’t wait for issue two.

Suicide Risk #1 by Mike Carey and Elena CasagrandeSuicide Risk 001

In this new creator owned comic Mike Carey leaves behind the magical and cultish style he uses in his stories and dives once again in the superhero genre. This time the superheroes and villains are his own and he builds, creates and gives them origins with a new twist which is interesting because they seek and gain their powers and it’s not a matter of a mere accident or coincident.

The story starts as a police officer being shocked of living through a massacre that a group of powered villains have caused he decides to follow a lead and find out how these villains gained their powers and what made them become evil, after all most of them were on the good side! It’s a good story with many layers of mystery intriguing enough to make you  want to read the next issue, the dialogues also are very realistic like ordinary people would use in their everyday life which makes the superhero aspect all the more greater and extraordinary. The art is good too with realistic pencils and good coloring and shows that it will become better in the following issues. I suggest you pick it up because it sure will be pretty big in the following months.

Rogues 001Rogues #1 by Ed Torres, Juan Jose Ryp and Ruben Rojas

From what I have found out in this issue Rogues has been published before in the past both in Spain and theUSA. The fans loved it back then but the critics did not. I have to say though considering on how good this brand new issue is maybe those past issues of Rogue must not be that bad at all.

This first issue signaling the comeback of the Rogues has two stories in the first on the art is done by Ryp whereas in the second it’s done by Rojas both stories though are written by Torres.

The first story is about the adventure a couple the rogues have in an epic fantasy world. The rogues are Bram and Weasel a man and a woman who have no love interest between them they are actually buddies. They scheme, use and fight to gain what they want which is; money, luxury and a good time. All these are done in a hilarious way, it’s a fun comic with a witty and a naughty kind of sense of humor both in the dialogues and the situations the characters deal with. The second story is about how a female bard tries to gather to find information about the two rogues and has a hard time doing it, this story is equally funny as the first.

Overall it’s a good comic although funny it has substance which makes you want more of it and the art is very good and detailed. The thing is that it’s not an all ages comic due to its mature content which I’m sure you will find in many of the mainstream comics but here it’s a notch more than what you will find for example in a superhero comic. The mature content concerns funny remarks, poses and art concerning sex and not violence, and its done not in a insulting way which is good. I just hope this time it lasts for a long time as a series because it deserves it.

All these brand new number ones I might review in the following weeks because there is so much I could say about them in detail which I cannot fit in a synopsis.

Next up are two comics I’ve been reading since issue one and I have a blast each time I read them.

jk00001Blackacre #6 by Duffy Boudreau and Wendell Cavalcanti

Issue six is a standalone issue where we get o see on how Greene became the leader of the Sacred Yoke cult. We also get to see Bird again and how vicious he is. Boudreau succeeds in showing that it the path Greene chose was eventually the only he had considering both the circumstances he was in and the way he was thinking that there is more to life than just Blackacre and the Ranks as we saw in flashbacks in previous issues. The thing that captured me in this issue is the last page where we see Greene looking at Hull. This gave me the impression that he will be using him in the future against Blackacres elite class.

If you haven’t read Blackacre yet you can check out a review I have made on the comic by clicking here. I think you will enjoy the comic.

X-Men Legacy #10 by Simon Spurrier and Paul Davidson X-Men - Legacy v2 010-000

Once again no major battle or action scenes in this issue and yet it is not what I like in this comic and do not care if there is none in next month’s issue too. What I like in this comic is the character interaction! Simon Spurrier is continuously building Legion in a unique, unpredictable, all too human character that just happens to be extremely powerful also way Legion speaks from his vocabulary to his accent is simply brilliant and shows that the character has a personality. In the same way Spurrier is developing Legion he is doing the exact same thing with Blindfold, each issue she becomes all the more interesting gaining her own personality.

This issue we see Blindfold not able to control her feelings for Legion she uses Cerebra to check on him in her astral form. The whole story has funny, humorous, shocking and very unpredictable aspects from start to end and we see this in such a great way both in Legions and Blindfolds reactions. This is my favorite X-Men title along with All New X-Men which I didn’t have the chance to read the previous week.

I hope you liked this week’s list although it is a short one it was a good one for me. That’s all till next time.

Con Barbatsis for eCharta

A city state named BlackAcre – comic review


In a post apocalyptic world a hundred years from now there is a city-state named BlackAcre! Its founders where the elite of a country which was in decay so they took the chance struck a deal and gained a big part of the federal land of the United States! The elite consisted of the most influential men from billionaires to political gurus so the city-state was destined to prosper and survive in a world that was falling apart! But within the walls of BlackAcre there had developed fractions especially within those who ruled! These fractions start to appear as an ex military man named Hull is sent on a secret mission beyond the walls of BlackAcre!

jk0001Hull was born and raised in the Ranks and grew up as a true and loyal soldier! His whole family was the Ranks and his only purpose was to protect the city-state and its citizens but above all to fight along and protect his military brothers who would do the exact same thing for him! So we have a true and honest man who doesn’t see yet the machinations and schemes that are being used to entangle him as a means in a way to succeed a goal! But luck was on his side and from early on in his mission he starts to see the threads of manipulation and deception!

This is the world that writer Duffy Boudreau and artist Wendell Cavalcanti have created in the comic book “BlackAcre” which is published by Image comics since December 2012! A comic book which within five issues has shown many layers of both the characters and the societies that exist in this world!

BlackAcre is just one part of this world. The other is the one that lives beyond its walls! The world that was left in destruction and helpless while a few survived in wealth! This world is divided in territories and clans and the strongest one which seems to expand in a violent way from the north is the Sacred Yoke, a clan which is based on a cult! The Sacred Yoke is the reason that another character is bought in the forefront, Lee a young girl in her teens!BA-01-07

Lee’s village was attacked by the Sacred Yoke. She saw her family being killed and although she escaped it wasn’t long before she was captured and brought to live among these fanatics! By issue 4 Hull is also captured and brought to live at the base of the Yoke where he meets not only Lee but someone else, the person who leads the cult. This meeting brings even more entanglements for the two protagonists in more ways they would never had expected!!!!

In general Duffy Boudreau has weaved a story with many unexpected twists and turns! He also has made in detail the world in which he is telling his story; you can see that from the fact that each character that appears has a significant role and background to further develop the story!  The whole first chapter consists of a cast that has only been introduced and will play a bigger part in future issues! This is what I liked in BlackAcre that all characters have something to say or hide just like in real life where the unexpected is waiting you right behind the corner and you do not know what and by whom the next situation you deal with will come from, good or bad!

Also Wendell Cavalcanti in each issue develops his art even further! The silent panels with only a face expression or a look in the eyes are so strong that grips me whenever I read BlackAcre!

I strongly recommend giving BlackAcre a chance! It’s a very intriguing comic which has so much going on that I like to think would be a perfect TV series although comics are better!

So if you are interested in reading BlackAcre a perfect jump on point will be issue seven coming out probably in June where the second chapter begins up to then you can read the first five issues in a collected trade paperback edition which will be released in May the first!

I’ll bet you’ll enjoy it!!!

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