Get in touch with your trading partners

Communication is an important factor for every business that wants to establish a solid relationship within its customers. Here at eCharta, we try hard to build tools that enable the community of paper enthusiasts.

In a previous post, we presented the Who-I-Am card, your personal card as an eCharta member that you share instantly with the whole eCharta community. But there is more to it.

Next to every listing, you can find the seller’s wIm card. Click on the wIm card and you can get in contact with the seller through the eCharta Messaging Platform.


The eCharta Messaging Platform gives you the ability to get in touch with your fellow eCharta members with no fuss. 

echarta All messages

echarta Discussion_2

Moreover, we have prepared a set of predefined templates for the most common communication patterns that we detect. On the Won & Buyouts page, you can request the total for each order or even bring up the new message pop up. On the Sold Orders page, sellers can find a Message Tab right on every order row through which they can directly contact the buyer or select from 3 predefined message templates for reminding the buyer to leave feedback, to pay the order and to inform him/her that the order is on the way.


Chose from the Action drop down of the Won & BuyOut page.

sold orders

And remember, in the MyCharta section you get notified ON the message Tab immediately upon a new message arrival.

echarta message notice

Communication between sellers, buyers and friends has never been easier…

Chris for eCharta