Constantine – the life and adventures of a magician

Constantine is a comic book which focuses on the life and adventures of a magician! Most know John Constantine from his successful Vertigo comic Hellblazer. Well now he is part of the main DC superhero core universe! Does this mean that the comic is an all age friendly comic? No, not at all!

I haven’t read at all Hellblazer with the exception of several issues of a storyline about a decade ago and a few here and there so I’m not that familiar with the character! Although I was tempted more than once to read it due to the so many good reviews Hellblazer  had received but still it was too dark both story and art wise for my taste so I avoided reading it! Plus the title was circulating for many years so I had a lot of things to catch up to and I wasn’t willing to do so!

Constantine_1Now that John Constantine became a part of a mainstream superhero universe and gained a brand new monthly I gave it a chance! The only thing that worried me was if the character would be true to the one that was featured in Vertigo! Would Constantine be perceived as a double-faced, untrustworthy bastard who tricks his way into gaining things and using his magic skills to win a situation? Would he be a character hated by other individuals good and villainous for his ways of acting?

I believe writers Ray Fawkes and Jeff Lemire answered and succeed in putting my worries away! They took the essence of the character and delivering it without spoiling it by making him an all friendly comic read.  In issue 1 of Constantine we get to see in how complicated ways he acts, thinks, uses people and situations no matter the outcome! Although from the beginning Constantine states the dangers of using magic and we should trust him on that at the end he shows how untrustworthy he is and that you should never ask from his help because you will never know how he will use, exploit or even help your situation! If he does what he does for the better good there is no way of knowing it at least not for now! So Constantine is still a dark brooding character which I like.

Now artist Renato Guedes is the kind of creator I would love to see in a super hero comic detailed with a very good storytelling. Although his art is not filled by dark shadowy aspects -at least not in this first issue- the coloring by Marcelo Maiolo is more than good to deliver the atmosphere of the story wherever it is taking place!


In a sum Constantine is a new comic of an old fan favorite character revamped for a new audience!  For me as a new reader it has captured my interest and I will continue on reading it! It might not have gore and splatter but it does have its dark aspects, character development, a good story with its unexpected end and great art! So for those who are afraid it won’t be true to Hellblazer give it a chance I bet you will be surprised on how good it is!

Constantine_3Enjoy it guys and girls!

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