Paper stories and Eric Castel

When I think back of my childhood I always tend to stick to certain moments. Most of them are connected with paper. Paper stories, if you like.

It’s all about Asterix and Lucky Luke and Tin Tin and numerous other comic books. The years have passed by but I keep reading them again and again. In fact I never considered comics as material for kids only. Furthermore, they are a good reason not to forget the childhood years. That’s where they’re getting precious.

By the moment I got connected to eCharta I keep thinking of how to get back the issues lost through the years. So here’s my greatest wish: to find and buy the Eric Castel series (more on the creator of Eric Castel, Raymond Redding). In English please.

One of the most known issues of the series

So I hope one day my wish will become true and there will be someone who wants to sell one or more issues of Eric Castel via eCharta. I’ll be a good buyer, I promise.