The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams

On December 28, 1961 it was The Night of the Iguana in New York City on Broadway at the Royal Theater!

A stage play written by American author Tennessee Williams, based on his 1948 short story premieres in NYC and ran for 316 performances. It starred Patrick O’Neil as Rev. Shannon, two-time Oscar winner Bette Davis as Maxine and Margaret Leighton as Hannah. The play was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play. Leighton, as Hannah, won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play.

Two film adaptations of this play have been made, including the Academy Award winning 1964 film of the same name.


This film was directed by John Huston, it featured Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, and Deborah Kerr. The Night of the Iguana drew considerable attention for stories around its production, since Richard Burton had brought his soon-to-be-wife Elizabeth Taylor to the location set.

The preface to the story shows Episcopal priest Reverend Dr. T. Lawrence Shannon having a “nervous breakdown” after being ostracized by his congregation for having an inappropriate relationship in Virginia with “a very young Sunday school teacher.” Two years later, Shannon is a tour guide for bottom-of-the-barrel Texas company Blake Tours, is taking a group of Baptist School teachers by bus to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Well don’t expect to tell you the whole story! You should seed this wonderful movie!

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