Welcome eCharta Shops

Today we are happy to announce a new exciting feature. As of this week, all sellers on eCharta are owners of an eCharta Shop! The eCharta shop is your own personal shop, provided by eCharta for free.

In your shop, your customers can find all your listings collected in one place and organized in categories that meet your needs.

Your shop comes with its own built-in search engine, meaning that your customers can search through your collections and find items of their interest without any hassle. Furthermore, you can choose from 12 marvellous color sets to give a personal touch on your Shop Front.

Your Shop Front piece by piece

The Shop Card is an important identification element of your shop. As a shop owner you can choose a shop name that best matches your business and you can add your own description to communicate what you sell and what your Shop is all about. An important element of the Shop Card is the Shop Logo. The Shop Logo is different than your personal account avatar.

Each business is not the same as the next. The eCharta Shop provides you with the flexibility to add your own Shop Categories in order to organize your listings the way it better fits your own needs.

In the Shop Showcase, your customers can see 8 listings, randomly chosen from your Shop.

Stay tuned, as more exciting features are coming on eCharta

Chris for eCharta