Comic List Last Week – Jun.23.13- Preview

Its back my weekly  preview list of comics that I read and liked although this time there are a couple that I did not like so much. Here it is starting with my least favorite pick…

Thunderbolts v2 011-000Thunderbolts #11 by Daniel Way and Phil Noto: I usually try to find the best in a comic and share it but sadly this issue did disappoint me, left me with the worst of impressions. The conclusion of a story-line which was closed in a rush, with no meaning or any specific consequence and plot-lines just left dangling. I love all these “heroes” who are featured in this comic but they are so much out of character. Liking the roster is not enough to continue reading it though. I’ll just give it one last chance to see if the new creative team will freshen it up and give it an edge that it’s supposed to have.

Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna: It’s quickly Uncanny Avengers 009-000becoming one of my favorite reads. The art is excellent and the story is consistently becoming better each issue.  More accurately the character interaction and how the plots strengthen with actual twists and turmoil’s for this specific team are quite intriguing. There is continuous conflict between the X-Men and the Avengers and each part has its right and wrongs whenever they debate a situation. A very cool comic and a promising one. There is Kang, Immortus, Apocalypse Twins, X-Men & Avengers all in one comic what more can you ask?

Cable and X-Force 010-000Cable & X-Force # 10 by Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larocca: Nothing special in this issue which doesn’t mean that the story was not good. We see the Uncanny Avengers pursue and attack X-Force just as they about to go on separate missions to deal with multiple future disasters. The fun part is that Blaquesmith returns and in the most unexpected ways. I like this title not only because the art is superb or that the story is good and intriguing it’s also the original X-Force team with a couple of pretty cool new addition Forge and Dr Nemesis! I really like it and I will continue to read it as a long time fan.

Venom #36 by Cullen Bunn and Pepe Larraz: What I like about Venom Venom-036-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01is that even if they decide to rip the symbiote out of Flash Thompson he has become a very developed character that can easily now hold his own title with another superhero persona. I have seen in each issue the inner workings and demons of Flashes mind and Cullen Bunn continues to add more layers to this. In this issue Flash deals with a new crime lord who seems to be a lot more ruthless than what he expected. The art by Larraz is very nice, I like it plus the cover by Shalvey and Bellaire is amazing.

Constantine 004 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Constantine #4 by Ray Fawkes, Jeff Lemire and Fabiano Neves: To be honest I expected more from this issue but I believe it serves its purpose. It’s a standalone issue where Constantine decides to take a day off. He fights a mage crime lord and finds that Sargon is still keeping an on him. In a way issue 4 works as a prologue to the upcoming crossover between Justice League and Justice League Dark. A nice issue but not enough.

Half Past Danger #2 (of 6) by Stephen Mooney and Jordie Bellaire: ThisHalf-Past-Danger-02-(of-06)-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01 comic book can easily be compared to a movie and not because of its story but mostly for the dialogue and the structure of how the story unfolds. Issue #2 continues to be as interesting as the first one with its character interaction and art, the simple things like expressions accompanied by body language has won me over. It’s also fast paced but not rushed, Simon Mooney moves the story forward with action but with the necessary time to build his heroes and the plots. I’m not saying more about the story you should read it it’s a great comic.

Keep on reading comics!


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Comic List Last Week -May.19.13- Preview

My weekly list of my favorite comics which I’ve been reading has been delayed a bit but its back again with 7 comics, no new number one issues but still great comics, with even better art and stories which are beginning to flesh out and with intriguing twists….

So here we go first up are two which have stunned me with their art

Uncanny Avengers 005-000Uncanny Avengers #8 by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna: The art is brilliant each issue it’s even better and Daniel Acuna is pushing it to its extreme with his wonderful coloring. Each page is unique and different with different colors and tones appropriate though to give you the feeling of where the story is taking place either it’s in the North Pole or outer space. The story continues to focus around the Apocalypse twins as Remender weaves and spins plot lines from his Uncanny X-Force days into this comic. I’m starting to appreciate this comic even more story wise especially now that all characters are falling into their natural roles especially Sunfire, his interaction with Thor is just great! This issue finishes with a big cliffhanger and a mysterious ally that comes to help Captain America in the most unexpected way. A good read.

Constantine #3 by Jay Fawks, Jeff Lemire & Renato Guedes:  as Constantine 003 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001“The Smoke & The Flame” arc comes to its end we see some great art by Renato Cuedes in the concepts he creates especially the pocket dimension which Constantine ends up in while arriving in London. It’s creepy but not grotesque and to this helps even more the amazing colors that Marcelo Maiolo uses. The colors are perfect and showing the degeneration both of Constantine and of London. Fawkes and Lemire have succeeded in bringing Constantine in the mainstream DC universe with is arc, reintroducing  him to us but with not spoiling the essence of the character which so many have come to like from its Vertigo version. Read the whole three issue arc and enjoy both story and art.

Next are two warriors the best in martial arts and with a brutal persistence in how they achieve their goals…

Wolverine-v5-003-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01Wolverine #3 by Paul Cornell and Alan Davis: This comic is becoming one of my favorites its story is fast paced with interesting quest stars and Wolverine is being the best in what he does in a whole new way. He is articulate, has conversations with a sense of humor and in this issue we see a side of him more exploited, the investigator one and he has a whole new team to back him up. In this issue we are introducing to Wolverines new cast, some we have already seen both in this comic and in another Marvel title and they are good ones especially the role they play in general in the Marvel Universe. The art doesn’t need any reviewing Davis and Farmer are legendary on how good they are and on this title they are once again top-notch. This new core Wolverine title is a must read for me.

Katana #4 by Ann Nocenti and Alex Sanchez: After the previous Katana-004-(2013)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-01issue revelations Katana is left devastated and with no will to fight back. But soon she sees that there is no other way to go than move on and fight all the new menaces that have arisen from the broken Soultaker Sword! We are reintroduced to a character which I do not know a lot previous to the whole New 52 era but it seems he has resurfaced with a new twist in his origins and he will definitely play a bigger role in the DC U from now on. What is interesting in this issue is that we see a broken down Katana in need to find a new purpose in her life which by the end of the story she seems to finally get one. This way I believe we will see the formation of an all new Katana as she searches her place in the world although she seems unwilling to do so. The art is good Sanchez is becoming more detailed with each issue and  uses great perspectives in his panel sequences. Give it a chance you won’t be disappointed.

The next are two team books both are spin offs of great core titles but each have double if not a convert reason for their existence….

Secret Avengers 04-000Secret Avengers #4 by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross: I’m not sure if this title should continue to be named as the Secret Avengers and not the Invaders, the second one is more appropriate I think. Although the team doesn’t remember any of its missions once they have accomplished them they are the best in espionage, infiltration and convert operations and invasion of territories. This issue we see a possible new addition to the roster and a good perfect choice this character will be and I’m not talking about the Hulk. The Hulk does appear in this issue as we see on the cover but although he’s called in to help he is actually being manipulated in becoming a cover up! I really like how Spencer is spinning his story and each issue it’s even better if only he could get rid of Daisy, at least he makes Maria Hill superior to her with her decisions and actions. A very good book which is features the best convert/espionage team of Marvel heroes.

Justice League of America #3 by Geoff Johns and David JLA_3_TheGroup-000Finch: This is an amazing comic and specifically a filled issue from cover to cover with intriguing plot lines, character interaction and action both in its main story and its smaller backup one by Matt Kindt and Manuel Garica. I could not get enough of this issue, each “hero” is fleshed out just perfectly and in character and you get to see each one play a role. None is featured less than the other, and if this happens the few panels they are appeared in it is done in the most significant way that reveals more than you expect, like  in the interaction between Amanda Waller and Star Girl. David Finch also does an outstanding job on this comic too like he always does. If you haven’t read JLA yet I strongly suggest you do its mind-blowing and it will become even better, if possible that is.

Fearless Defenders 04-000Last but not least is yet again a team book consisting only by women at least for now…

Fearless Defenders #4 by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney: I love this comic book mostly for the characters it features but in this issue the story and art win you over too. Finally Bunn has achieved in making Valkyrie a an interesting character in this issue we see her progress even more and becoming more of a leader type and not a female Thor rip off, as he adds more and more to her background history and origin  which up to now has been hidden from her. Sliney’s art continues to impress me and in this issue he creatures a gross but cool monster. And to top it all is the unique covers Mark Brooks provides in every month and for this issue he does yet a remarkable one.

So that’s all folks I hope you enjoy or will enjoy these comics too…until next time, which will be sooner than you expect have a blast by reading comics!

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Comic Last Week -Apr.28.13- Preview

This time my picks are some of my favorite but some are not but still they are comics that I like to read.

hellhaimHellheim #2 by Cullen Bunn and Joelle Jones. This issue is compelling as the first! Great art and story although it has an abrupt ending leaving you with a question if the people Ricard is sent by Bera to kill are actually villainous! In this issue we see how Ricard coming back from the dead as Draugr how much power in strength he has as he slaughters a group of wild men! This action scene is drawn in such detail both in art and storytelling, great sequence with raw slaughter! I believe as this story unfolds we will see more machinations and plots of what the witches are fighting for! It continues to be a good read!

Jupiter’s Legacy #1  by Mark Millar and Frank Quitley. The story

Jupiter Legacyis about superheroes holding aspects both by DC and Marvel comics but said in Mark Millar’s way! The pure Golden Age heroes are still around with their children continuing their legacy! But the children clearly live in a world similar to ours and brought into a legacy they didn’t choose, they don’t want to be superheroes! So conflicts appear among the first Golden age heroes as they face the dilemma live by the morals of an older age or accept the now and adjust their beliefs! The art by Quitely it’s so amazing to see him again in comic books and Peter Doherty’s coloring compliment his work in a great way that stun me! All in all it’s a great first issue and a promising for greater stories in the future!

The ShadowThe Shadow #12  by Victor Gischler and Giovanni Timpano. A standalone issue where the Shadow has to uncover a gang of bank robbers! The story is simple just showing how the Shadow uses his tactics and contacts to solve a series of crimes, how his mind works to influence in a good and bad way to get what he needs! Good story but simple! The art though is amazing! Pencils, colors and inks are a visual delight! All aspects of the art give you a perfect noir atmosphere!

Masks #6  by Chris Roberson and Dennis Calero. In this issue of Masksthe limited series the master behind the Justice Party starts to reveal his plans as the whole “Masks” team gathers together to fight back! The thing that I like about this comic book is that it’s filled with pulp vigilante heroes from another era.  Each have a mid forties noir appearance and behavior in and out of their superhero outfits. The story is good enough to flesh out each character and introduce them; the art is OK, with moments which are actually very good especially if it features the Shadow! In a sum it’s a limited series that gives you one fun team up of pulp characters which probably you wanted to read and finally you getting the chance to do a story-line that might not be amazing but it’s good enough to bring all these characters together!

Uncanny AvengersUncanny Avengers  by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna. Finally we see this team having some interesting interaction although they still nag and quarrel it seem only logical! Rick Remender shows us very nicely how diverse this roaster is; after all it’s a group of brooding mutants and popular powered humans who have to learn to work together! Now the Apocalypse twins are all grown up in this issue are fearsome and Daniel Acuna catches that to its extreme by showing us with his art the battle that rages in space! Also Acuna has a nice of way giving distinct different features and figures to each character which awesome! I liked this issue very much and I hope it gets even better in the future. I want the team around for a long time!

Scarlet Spider #16  by Chris Yost and Khoi Pham. In the past 16 Scarlet Spiderissues Kaine has been through a lot of turmoil but in this issue he’s getting a breather by going to the rodeo! It’s a funny issue with a lot of wise cracks The Armadillo guest stars in a kind of hilarious but romantic way …and Kaine also might have found love as well! The thing is the previous issue ended with a big change for Kaine for the worse even Aracely has become in a way creepier but it’s not dealt or mentioned to an extent in this issue! It’s not ignored but this issue was about having fun and Yost delivers it nicely although it ends in a most unexpected way. A good cliffhanger, you have to read it to know what I’m talking about… no spoilers! I have to say though my favorite spider person currently is the scarlet one he is not at all a bad negative copy of the amazing one and that’s more than cool!

KatanaKatana #3  by Ann Nocenti and Cliff Richards. In this issue Katana continues her warring quest and willing walks into a trap, a trap that’s been set up by Killer Croc and from who has been hiding in her sword all this time! It’s quite shocking how this issue ends because everything that Katana has been fighting for has been crumbled down; it seems she’s been working for someone else’s agenda! I have to say although Katana is an interesting character, now with this issue and especially its end, has gripped my interest to continue reading this comic! Glad that Nocenti gave such a great twist at the end of this issue!

Amala’s Blade #1  by Steve Horton and Michael Dialynas. I love Amala's Bladethis comic! Steve Horton has built a brilliant concept of a young female assassin who is the best at what she does but she also has a destiny to unite a fractured word, plus she speaks to ghosts! The art by Michael Dialynas is simply brilliant from all aspects coloring, pencils, panel sequences, lettering even the sound effects just blow your mind. There is so much good stuff going on in this comic that won’t fit in just a small preview synopsis so I’ll have to review it! Until then I suggest you find a copy of issues #0 and #1 and have a blast reading it!

That’s all folks! Enjoy all our gathering!

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